The Blockade
File:The Blockade.jpg
Objective Escort Dromedary to Independence base
Employer Bora
Pay 8750
Region Hub


This is the first mission offered by Bora. In this mission, Jake Logan escort Bora hospital frigate Dromedary and its two cargoholders Traveler and Bold to Independence Station, Bora's farpost in Hub. In the midst of flight, Jake Logan bumped into Star Patrol Commander Obulo who suspects Jake Logan and the cargo in the Bora Ship due to Jake being notorious in his involvement in Halley Station massacre. Obulo scans no weapon in the ships and allow them to pass through Industrial sector, but warns them that he will keep an eye on him (Jake Logan).

Shortly after arriving at the next sector, the Bora ships are immediately ambushed by Galspan ships, which Bold is destroyed in the attack. After receiving distress call from Dromedary, Star Patrol comes in and intervene. Together with the help of Jake Logan, they neutralised the invading Galspan ships. Jake then proceeds with his escort duty until Dromedary and Traveler arrive safely at Independence Station.


  1. Rendezvous with Dromedary and proceed to Star Patrol Farpost.
  2. Dromedary and her two companions are being checked by Star Patrol officers. They will open the Scrap Yards TCG Gate after its done and jump into the gate.
  3. Your escort targets will be immediately ambushed by incoming Galspan Pegasus and Poseidons. Protect Dromedary and destroy them all. Dromedary will call in Star Patrol for help if Bold has lost its shield.

Strategy: The Galspan will target Bold first. Pegasus has light armour so they can be destroyed easily. The Pegasus will come and attack you, while the Poseidons will attack your escort targets. Eliminate all Pegasi and head to Bold to defend it against Poseidon's attack. Poseidon has quite a thick hull so Glint Light Laser won't do big damage to it. Equip yourself with Spire Rocket to strike Poseidon's hull. Bold is usually destroyed before the battle is over, but it can survive if you pay more attention to Bold's enemies than anything else.

4. Escort your target safely to Independence and mission completed.

Space JumpsEdit

Alpha - Star Patrol Farpost - Scrap Yards - Independence - Scrap Yards - Star Patrol Farpost - Alpha

Space UnitsEdit


(*Available only if Jake Logan completes all contracts in this tier except for Hospital Emergency)

Tied ContractEdit