Taking away Independence
Objective Secure Independence Sector
Employer Galspan
Pay 9625
Region Hub


Jake Logan is requested by Tricia Bales, Galspan contractor to attack and secure Independence Station from Bora's grip which the Galspan has recently won it over in a legal combat against Bora. The Independence Station is now Galspan's property and the fleeing Bora refugees must be anihilated to ensure complete secure of the station, she claimed. Jake Logan departs from Alpha Control and heads to Independence Sector.

Pilot LogEdit


Tricia Bales: Mr. Logan, welcome to the Galactic Spanning Corporation.We are glad that you have decided to take full-time employment with our company. This job will mean the final stage of your interview process.

Jake Logan: Whoa wait, I thought I was in, am I employee or not?

Your are officially an employee, Mr Logan. Your first job evaluation is merely a formality. I'm sure you will do fine. When you go back I'll explain the help benefits package in terms of employment.

Jake Logan: Okay, right, right, spare me the paperwork would ye?

Tricia Bales: Very well, Mr. Logan. Please rendezvous with the attack force at the Scrap Yards. Remember not to attract any unwanted attention from Star Patrol as you fly by.

Jake Logan: Okay, understood.

Scrap YardsEdit

Jake Logan: This is Jake Logan to Galspan Pegasi, I am in sector and waiting.

Galspan Fighter: Logan, this is Galspan Pegasi we are in bound.

Bora Fighter: I got spanner on the sector, could be the beginning.

Bora Fighter: Galspan Fighters, we have you on our sight, don't try anything.

Jake Logan: Oh, I am shaking on my boots.

Galspan Fighter: Galspan Pegasi we're here. Let's go claim the Independence.

Jake Logan: Hey what about this two yards?

Galspan Fighter: Hole them.

Bora Fighter: Fall back, fall back, it's the Galspan attack force.


Jake Logan: All ships, the gate has been mined.

Galspan Fighter: Understood. Attention all Bora ships. The Independence is now legal property of Galactic Spanning Corporation. Surrender your ships immediately.

Bora Fighter: Come and get it, spanner.

Galspan Fighter: Squardon attack now!

Independence Station: Evacuating station now. All transport launched. Independence Control signing off from the last time.