Spire Rocket
Spire Rocket
Type Missile
Owning Faction Bora (Available at Alpha Starbase as Indepedent Pilot)
Manufacturer Core Mining Industries
Selling Price 900CR (30 units)for (Independent Star Pilot at Alpha Starbase)

600CR for 40 units (For Bora Pilot at all starbases)

Buyback Price 540CR (30 units)(For Independent Star Pilot at Alpha Starbase)

360CR for 40 units (For Bora Pilot at all starbases)

Hull Damage 80
Shield Damage 40
Spire Rocket is a weak missile weapon owned by Bora. It deals small damage to shield but moderate damage to hull. It comes with the ammo of 40. Spire Rocket is an unguided weapon.


Courtesy Of Novalogic

The Spire Rocket is a modified Core Mining Industries mining rocket owned by Bora. Initially designed to allow mining vessels to blast chunks off of large asteroids, Bora engineers have modified them to fire from pods on their fighters. the Spire Rocket does 40% shield damage and 180% more hull damage than the Heavy Mining Laser. The disadvantage to Spire Rocket is that it is unguided so it is wise to fire at close range increasing the chance of hitting the target. Spire Rocket comes in a pack of 30 per purchase.


Bora Spacecrafts - Warhammer, Cutlass, Battleaxe



  • Though cheap, about 3 to 4 Spire Rockets is devastating enough to destroy the hull of a non-capital ship.