Nebula of Sol

Sol is the solar system of planet earth. It is the pioneer region of human space exploration and inhabitation. Unlike other regions in the Fringe, Sol is protected by law and police so that peace can be preserved in the region. This allows space activities to be conducted safely in Sol space. Criminals who commit terrible crimes will be banished from Sol into the lawless Fringe. Sol is governed by the United Sol Government.



Europa Starbase (also known as Dilinger Starbase) is located here. It is patrolled by several AGT Makos. Contract pilots launch to their missions from here.

Linked sectors: Luna, Kuiper Belt, Saturn


Here locates the Mira Vista Shipyards. This is the place where many commercial cargoholders, luxury liner or mining vessel dock on and off in its bay for a rest stop, cargo load-off and refuel before heading to their next destination. It is the setting for Escort Mining Vessel.

Linked sectors: Europa, Earth, Venus, Ganymede


Here locates the Zurich Orbital Station and Earth Shipyard. The space is heavily guarded by Star Patrol units because it is located near Earth, the origin of human race. It is the setting for Quarantine Compromised.

Linked sectors: Neptune, Luna

Venus (Venus Training Sector)Edit

This is an empty space consist of asteroid fields. It is a common training place for rookie pilots to master their ship controls. It is the setting for Instructor Training and Combat Training.

Linked sectors: Luna

Saturn (Saturn Training Sector)Edit

This is the location for Saturn Ring Training Course. During the course, Letzer Training Rings is deployed across the space for training pilot to fly through, otherwise it is empty.

Linked sectors: Europa

Kuiper BeltEdit

This space is filled with asteroids and mines. It is notorious for being a troubled space which houses hostile mines, pirates and infringing spy probes. Though dangerous, the space has a beautiful nebula. It is the setting for Security Breach, Investigate Mine Field.

Linked sector: Europa


Here locates the Halley Research Station. The station is used to quarantine its inhabitants from reaching out to the outside of this space after a terrible disease out-break, but is destroyed when an unsuspecting shuttle Argoso 914 docks on it and detonate to cause a chain of massive explosions. After its destruction, Jake Logan is exiled from Sol into the Fringe. It is a setting for Quarantine Compromised.

Linked sector: Earth

Mega gate present: Hub


This is the mining sector owned by AGT. It consist of mineral-rich asteroid field and a station nearby which is the loading bay for mining vessels and a processing centre for mining rocks. It is a setting for Escort Mining Vessel.

Linked sector: Luna