Security Breach
Security Breach
Objective Destroy spy probes
Employer AGT
Pay 4200
Region Sol


Dilinger Control Deepscan has detected a security breach in the Kuiper sector and ordered AGT, the owner of Kuiper space to eliminate the anonymous spy probes in the region. Jake Logan is sent to Kuiper Belt to locate and destroy the probes. After knowing their surveillance drones are underattacked, the enemy sent a frigate with its fighters to ambush Jake Logan. AGT sent a few Orion fighters to help Jake Logan out as reinforcement. In teamwork, Jake Logan and his compatriots successfully destroy the enemies. Later in the debriefing session, it is revealled that the probes though are PPS made, it registered its signal to CMI.


  1.  Proceed to Kuiper.
  2. Destroy the spy probes in the region. You will be ambushed by 2  Cinder Mercs Darts and Spy Drone Frigate.
  3. Destroy the Darts. AGT will send 5 Orions to help you destroy the Frigate.

Strategy: The Spy Drone Frigate is the least harmful armed frigate, armed with only two turrets. Don't attack the frigate head-on (especially with the thin-shielded Pegasus) as this can still get yourself killed. Start by destroying the ship's powerplant, then the weapon powerplant and the shield generator. This should leave the frigate harmless and vulnerable.

4, After the frigate has been destroyed, head back to starbase.



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  • The Sol nebula is based off the nebula in Kuiper Sector.
  • In this mission, AGT sends out Galspan's Orion Fighters instead of economy class fighter Mako to help Jake Logan out.
  • The Ontario light freighter in Luna sector also appeared in Europa sector during the missions Escort Mining Vessel, Instructor Training