Scrap Yards is a sector located in the Hub region. It is surrounded with scrap metals which are processed by a nearby space station called Wrecktown Station. Scrap Yards link to Independence and Star Patrol Farpost sectors. A Frontier TCG Mega Gate is located here.


Due to its messy environment, Scrap Yards is known for being a dangerous spot for pirate activities. Scrap Yards links to Independence sector, which houses the Independence Station which is a hotspot for cargo shippers.The pirates use the scrap metals to hide themselve before ambushing on cargo ships. These pirates usually enter Scrap Yards using Star Patrol Farpost TCG Gate, but it is unknown how they go past the Star Patrol's surveillance.

Scrap Yards is also a spot of conflict between Bora and Galspan. From the mission "The Blockade", Jake Logan (working as Independent Star Pilot) have to defend his escort frigates Dromedary, Traveller and Bold from Galspan fighters before Star Patrol is called in for help. Dromedary and her company frigates were heading to Independence Station to delivery medical supplies for Bora community there.