Phobos Proprietary Systems

Logo of PPS

Phobos Proprietary Systems, abbreviated as PPS is the mega corporation centred in Sol. It is known for designing weapons and CPU systems. It sometimes rivals with Oberon Incorporated.



CPU SystemsEdit



  1. Although not stated, it is suspected that Blast Torped, Adv. Blast Torpedo, Distruptor Torpedo, Hunter Torpedo and Distruptor Torpedo are invented by Phobos Proprietary Systems as it is stated that Solaris Torpedo is designed by the corporation.
  2. Combat Scanner is designed in a joint effort between PPS and AGT.
  3. Orion is designed in joint effort between Galspan and PPS.

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  • PPS has a friendly relationship with Galspan. There are evidences: PPS designed Deimos Heavy Laser, Chatter Cannon and Solaris Torpedo for Galspan's military use and even built an Orion prototype in joint effort with Galspan. From TNS News: Corporate Buy Out, The two tried to merge into a larger corporation but failed as USG, the United Sol Government forbids that action.