Ship Role Unknown
Allegiance Unknown
Top Speed Unknown
Hull HP Unknown
Shield HP Unknown

The Orion is a Galspan Multirole Fighter. Its Bora counterpart is the Battleaxe. It carries a 10 slot CPU with 4 Heavy mounts, 2 Rack mounts, and 1 Special mount. Its standard armament includes a Deimos Heavy Laser, a Chatter Cannon, and Tiger Missiles


"This text is imported from Tachyon: The Fringe game"Edit

One of the most common fighters, the SF-014 Orion ship class is the direct result of recent collaboration between Galspan and Phobos Proprietary System. The Orion rotational maneuverability and shield emission units have been enhanced significantly over previous models with advanced PPS designs. However hull durability has been greatly sacrificed to accommodate space requirements for this advanced hardware.