Lakita Ramos
Lakita Ramos is a wingman from Galspan corporation available under the job boards. She is only available after "Bonus Incentive Program" contract if Jake Logan decides to take the contract "Taking away Independence" instead of "Withdraw from Independence" in the Hub (last contract for Jake as an Independent Pilot).



If you want an excellent pilot to watch your six, Lakita Ramos is one of good choices but don't expect her to like you. Lakita has excellent skills and is a staple on many Galspan missions, but she had spent enough time on local bars to develop strong and negative opinions about men that fly with her. While she prefers more to flying with her female companions, which she likened them to "sisters", she takes extra charge for enduring in flying in her least favourite half of population. She has a Letzer rating of 89 which caused her to use verbal abuse when flying alongside her less superior male partner.


  • Deimos Heavy Lasers
  • Tiger Missiles


Bonus Incentive ProgramEdit

Lakita Ramos competes with Jake Logan in Contract Pilot Bonus Incentive Program offered by Galspan to its newest recruits. In this competition, they must destroy 4 waves of drone and race back to Olympus base from Nereus Research, the sector where the contest is held. Lakita Ramos and Jake Logan both fought excellently in this contest, but its the experience that gives Jake Logan the advantage over Lakita. Lakita lost and is assigned to Wingman duty for Galspan pilots.

Pilot LogEdit

Attack Target:

Escort Target:

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Cover me:

Return to base: