Investigate Mine Field
Investigate Mine Field
Objective Investigate mine field in Kuiper Belt
Employer AGT
Pay 4800
Region Sol


On this mission, Jake Logan is heading back to Kuiper Belt to investigate the presence of mine fields in the sector. The mines has been hostile to every passing ships in the sector and this has become a great annoyance to the travellers in space. They have filed a complaint to AGT which was responsible to ensure peace and safety in Kuiper Belt. Jake Logan found a Luxury Liner Trimurti floating about the Kuiper Belt, which was in process of travergence to another sector. Jake Logan is ordered by Dilinger Control to destroy all mine fields in the sector. Shortly after Jake Logan finishes his job, he encounter a few Blood Clan Pirates Shrikes and guessed that the mines must be planted by the pirates. He witness a pirate attack on Trimurti, and quickly comes to Trimurti's aid to protect it before Star Patrol arrives and destroy the pirates. Back at Europa sector, Jake Logan met his old friend Samantha Crowley and had a memory chat.


  1. Proceed to Kuiper.
  2. Destroy all hostile mines in the sector.
  3. 4 Blood Clan Shrikes will appear from Europa TCG Gate and starts attacking the Trimurti. You can choose  to rescue Trimurti or abandon it to the pirates but neither will affect the outcome of your mission. (Your contract is completed once the mines are destroyed)
  4. Star Patrol Enforcers will emerge from Europa TCG Gate and destroy the pirates once you are able to hold the pirates off for a few minutes.
  5. Head back to Europa Starbase

Space JumpEdit

Europa - Kuiper

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