Instructor Training
Instructor Training
Objective Evaluate novice pilot course
Employer AGT
Pay 700
Region Sol


Jake Logan is requested to evaluate a novice pilot course conducted by a junior instructor who has recently been promoted to AGT Pilot Training Corps. She will be training rookies in a next few months, so a couple of advice from a veteran pilot would be good. This is a tutorial mission.


Instructor Training Screenshot 1

Combat Training in Venus

The instructor teaches about basic piloting skill, combat manuveur and ship targeting, tachyon gate use and some miscellenous stuff (on cargo picking and how to destroy a capital ship). In the middle of lesson, Jake Logan is attacked by mines which is activated accidentally. After taking a little damage, the instructor deactivates the mine in a panic before resuming her lesson.


  1. The Instructor will teach about piloting skills. The Luna TCG gate will be opened a short while later and jump into Luna.
  2. Instructor will teach you how to slide. Head to Venus Training sector if ready.
  3. Here Instructor will teach you about combat skills. Destroy Training mines and Training Fighters in sector
  4. A spy drone frigate will spawn. Destroy its powerplant and head back to navigational buoy.
  5. The mines surrounding the buoy will attack you in a sudden. Don’t worry as you will only take a little damage from the attack before they are deactivated. Instructor will proceed to energy transferring lesson.
  6. Luna TCG Gate will open once you are ready jump into Luna.
  7. Jump back to Europa from Luna and dock at starbase.


Piloting ControlsEdit

  • Rolling: The ship will rotate left or right about an axis through its centrewhen W or E key ar pressed respectively. This will cause the cockpit view to rotate. This is useful when the ship is docking, although it doesn't helps in evading enemy's fire.
  • Accelerating: Press the - or + key to decrease or increase ship's speed respectively. Press 9 key and the ship's speed will match that of the target. Press the 0 key and the ship's speed will reduce to zero in an instant.
  • Sliding: Press the Q Key, and the ship will head to the pointed direction regardless of which way the ship is turned. This is useful when evading or chasing the target.
  • Reversing: Press key to reverse the ship. If the ship is knocking on an object and taking damage from it because it cannot move, reversing the ship should solve this problem.
  • Afterburner: Press the tab key and Afterburner will give the ship a tremendous boost of speed, allowing the pilot to gain advantage over its enemy in combat. Afterburner causes the speed to surpass its maximum, but for a short while.


  • Cycle primary and secondary weapon: Select and activate your weapon to be used as primary and secondary weapon from your weapon mounts
  • Weapon-linking: Arm the turrets or missile rack simultaneously so that they fire together at one shot.
  • Lead Target Assistant: Helps to predict the velocity of target for better aiming.
  • Combat Scanner: Shows the information on shield and hull of target.

Energy Transfer


Europa, Luna, Venus Training Sector

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  • The female instructor's name is Lorna Kirkland.
  • The mine in this mission fires laser but doesn't detonate on contact.