Hub Escort
Hub Escort
Objective Escort Venetian Freighter
Employer Alpha Control
Pay 5960
Region Hub


Shortly beginning his new life as independent star pilot, Jake Logan is tasked to escort Venetian Freighter to Independence Starbase by Alpha Control. Jake departs from Alpha Starbase to rendezvous with Venetian in Star Patrol Far Post. As they venture thorugh Industrial sector, Venetian found out that Jake Logan is the "criminal" behind the Halley Station Massarcre, it immediately cancels the escort contract with Jake Logan. Jake Logan have no choice but to leave Venetian, though some moment later Venetian yells for help after it is being ambushed by pirates. Jake Logan immediately returns to Venetian and provides his aid, eliminating all the pirates in region. After Venetian has arrived safely at the Independence Station, Jake returns to Alpha Station.

Pilot LogEdit

Star Patrol Far PostEdit

Venetian: Are you the escort pilot? We are behind schedule in our shipment. Stay with me. We are heading to the next sector.

Jake Logan: Sorry I'm late, Venetian. Let's go.

Scrap YardsEdit

Venetian: You still there pilot? What's your name by the way?

Jake Logan: Yeah, I'm still with ya. Name's Jake Logan.

Venetian: Alright. Well it's pleasant to... hold on, I know that name, you're piece of slagger killing all that sick people at Sol.

Jake Logan: That was a bum rap. I got framed big time.

Venetian: Listen, Logan. I don't deal with convicts. This contract is cancelled. Just fly back.

Jake Logan: Hey wait a minute, I told you I got framed!

Venetian: Go get home, slagger.

Cinder Mercenary: Venetian, you shouldn't throw away your escort. He might have help you. Now prepare to be boarded.

Venetian: Hrr, slagger. Logan, I'll renew the contract, just get these guys off me!

Jake Logan: Hang on, Venetian. I'm not gonna let you die out here.

Venetian: You saved me, I'm sorry for what I have said earlier.

Jake Logan: Save it Venetian, let's just get to the Independence so that you can dock and I get paid.

Venetian: Thanks again Logan. I'm sorry that I have called you a... convict. See you there.


Jake Logan: My work here is finished. Yep, time to head back to the base.

Space JumpsEdit

Alpha - Star Patrol Far Post - Scrap Yards - Independence - Scrap Yards - Star Patrol Far Post - Alpha

Space UnitsEdit

  • Venetian
  • Piranha
  • Dart