Nebula of Hub

Hub is the economy marketplace of Fringe. It is the largest trading centre of the seven regions. Many ships come across this region to accept and deliver traded goods. However, there is a small presence of pirates ambushing these ships in the region, which is kept under watch by Star Patrol Enforcers.

Hub becomes home to Jake Logan shortly after it is exiled from Sol Region by the United Sol Government. Here Jake decides to join Bora or Galspan permanently after the missions Withdraw From Independence or Taking Away Independence.


Trading Company: These ships are usually escorted by escort fighter (such as Jake Logan) to protect themselves from pirates. (Units: Light Freighter, Heavy Freighter)

Star Patrol: There is a branch from Sol Region to protect the Hub community and monitor pirate activities. The headquarters is located in the Star Patrol Farpost Sector. (Units: Enforcer)

Cinder Mercernaries: This mercenaries act as viscous pirates to ambush trading ships and loot goods from them. (Units: Dart, Piranha, Gar)

Blood Clan: These are pirates which originate from the Frontier Region. They are also involve in criminal activities around this region

Galspan: Galspan has a stronghold in here, the Hera Station. They have seized the Independence Station from Bora to strenghen their influence in the region.

Bora: Bora has two strongholds, Honor and Independence. They have withdrew from the latter after losing a legal battle for Independence's ownership to Galspan.



Here locates the Alpha Starbase, home to all independent star pilots living in Hub. Contract piIots have access to the job boards, hangar and TNS News here. Its control, Alpha Control monitors all activities across Hub.

Linked Sectors: Honor, Star Patrol Farpost, Industrial, Letzer Training Sector, Combat Training Sector

Star Patrol FarpostEdit

Here locates the Star Patrol Farpost Station. It is tightly guarded by Star Patrol Enforcers. It is the setting for the Blockade.

Linked Sectors: Alpha, Scrap Yards

Scrap YardsEdit

Here locates the Wrecktown Station, which is the reprocessing centre for the scrap metals disposed around the nearby space. Due to its messy location, the dump site is a dangerous place for pirate ambushes. There is a Frontier TCG Mega Gate nearby. It is a setting for Hub Escort, Recoil, The Blockade.

Linked Sectors: Independence, Star Patrol Farpost


Here locates the Independence Station, once a Bora stronghold but now a Galspan property. It is surrounded with defense turrets. It is the setting for Withdraw from Independence, Taking Away Independence.

Linked Sector: Scrap Yards


Here locates the Drake Production Facility and Lareff Repair Dock. Many ships come here for repair and maintenance as it offer a cheaper service. This is the place where spare parts are traded for credits. It is the setting for Galspan Escort, Advance With Courage, Déjà vu, Recoil.

Linked Sectors: Hera, Alpha

Combat Training SectorEdit

This is the place for combat training to train against Bora or Galspan ships.

Linked Sector: Alpha

Letzer Training SectorEdit

Similar to the Saturn Training Sector, it is the location for Letzer Ring Training Course.

Linked Sector: Alpha


Here lies the Galspan Hera Station. There is a Galspan TCG Mega Gate nearby. It is the setting for Galspan Escort.

Linked Sectors: Industrial


Here lies the Bora Honor Station, a second stronghold after Independence Station.

Linked Sector: Alpha, Farsight