Hospital Emergency
Hospital Emergency
Objective Assist Hospital Frigate Blackwell
Employer Alpha Control
Pay 11025
Region Hub


Emergency situation in Scrap Yards is reported by hospital frigate Blackwell as they are on a collision course with asteroid fields. Blackwell has lost its steering control due to system malfunction caused by asteroids and it is unable to brake, thousands of life onboard that ship is at stake. Jake Logan manage to get there in time and destroy the ship's powerplant, preventing it from drifting anywhere nearer to the rocks.


  1. Proceed to Scrap Yards.
  2. Destroy the powerplant of Blackwell. It can be done faster by matching your speed with Blackwell's.


Scrap Yards

Space UnitsEdit

  • Star Patrol Cruiser
  • Blackwell


Tied ContractsEdit

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