Gate Blueprints
File:Gate Blueprints
Objective Pick up blueprints from Dr.Mclean
Employer Bora
Pay 8975
Region Bora


The Frontier TCG Gate in the Hub cannot open because it was sabotaged by Galspan's stooge, and Bora's personnel was unable to travel to the Virtue Station in Frontier from Hub. That TCG gate was the only pathway for Bora to access to Frontier region. To solve this problem, Bora has to retrieve the TCG gate blueprint from Dr. McLean residing in the Polaris Nebula of Bora space by trading him the research data he wants.

Dr. McLean is paranoid and does not want to upload the blueprint to Bora as he felt Bora's link is untrusted, Dr. McLean has developed strong hate towards Galspan. Jake Logan is sent to Polaris Nebula to retrieve the blueprints. The defense mines around Dr.McLean's station is activated out of suspicion by Dr. McLean that he guesses Jake Logan is one of Galspan's assasin. Jake Logan has to destroy all the mines in that sector before he can convince Dr. McLean that he's here to take the blueprint and nothing else.


  1. Proceed to Polaris Nebula via Forge TCG gate.
  2. Dr. McLean will question your presence and he will trigger the minefield out of caution. Destroy the mines and dock on landing platform at Retribution Shipyards to obtain the blueprint.

Note: Polaris Nebula is filled with twilight fog so be more careful.

3.  Head back to Freedom Starbase


Freedom - Forge - Polaris Nebula



  • Advance with Courage
  • Recoil
  • Magellan Escort