Galspan Escort
Galspan Escort
Objective Escort Hesperides to Hera Station
Employer Galspan
Pay 4080
Region Hub


Jake Logan has been offered his first Galspan contract – escort Galspan’cargo vessel Hesperides to nearest Galspan starbase, Hera in Hub. As Jake Logan arrives at Hera Station with Hesperides, he saw two Bora Daggers intruding in the region and attempting to attack Hesperides. Jake Logan finishes them off quickly until Hesperides is ready to dock at Hera Station, Jake Logan prepares to head back to Alpha.

Jumping into industrial sector, he witnesses an independent star pilot Mishka Shaw under attack by five Blood Clan Shrike. When asked, Mishka Shaw said she didn’t expect the pirates to penetrate so deep into the Hub region, but assures Jake Logan that she can handle herself. Without a second thought, Jake Logan hurries to cover the back of Mishka Shaw and destroy all the incoming Shrikes. To thank Jake Logan, Mishka Shaw offer her service at the job board as a wingman.


  1. Proceed to Industrial sector with Hesperides.
  2. Proceed to Hera sector with Hesperides and destroy two Bora Maces in the sector. Wait for escort confirmation and prepare to jump back to Industrial sector.
  3. Player will witness Miskha Shaw under attack by 4 Blood Clan Shrikes. Quickly come to her aid and destroy the attacking shrikes as Mishka Shaw cannot last long from the attack. If player fail to protect her or ignore her, Mishka Shaw wouldn’t be available as wingman throughout the game.

Strategy: The Shrikes is armed with Flare Medium Lasers and Disruptor Torpedo which is effective in bringing down both shield and hull. Arm yourself with two Glint Light Lasers or Spire Rockets and focus on the attacking ship first (the ones flying at the direction of Mishka Shaw) It’s better to equip yourself with Afterburner (after completing The Blockade.)

     4.  Return to Alpha once you have rescued Mishka Shaw.

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Alpha - Industrial - Hera - Industrial - Alpha

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