Galactic Spanning Corporation, commonly known as Galspan or Corpers by many, is a major space mining company. It rivals with Bora over control of the Fringe space outside the Sol Region.

Company DetailsEdit


Since the establishment of the company, Galspan thrives on the wealth and the riches it has made through mining. Like Bora, Galspan has founded its own region in Fringe and intends to expand to other region of the fringe ( especially Ripstar Region). Galspan has equipped itself well with advanced weapons, ships and high pays to offer for contract pilot. Because of the growing Bora presence and popularity in Fringe, Galspan intends to subjugate Bora by all means so that it can have the largest influence and grow without competition from Bora.


Tricia Bales - Galspan's contract agent. She assign contracts to all Galspan's employee and briefs them through their mission.

Director Atksin - Head of the company. He devise the development of Galspan and gives military orders.


Lakita Ramos, Tora Embers, A.J. Freesh, Bernado


Light Interceptor: Pegasus
  • Acceleration Rating: 7
  • Top Speed: 615 SLU
  • Performance Rating: 7
  • Hull Rating: 2
  • Shield Rating: 6
  • Energy Rating: 4
  • Unique property: Top speed of all ships

Multirole Fighter: Orion
  • Acceleration Rating: 6
  • Top Speed: 540 SLU
  • Performance Rating: 5
  • Hull Rating: 4
  • Shield Rating: 6
  • Energy Rating: 5
  • Unique property: Manuveurability in rotation

Multirole Bomber:
  • Acceleration Rating: 4
  • Top Speed: 470 SLU
  • Performance Rating: 4.5
  • Hull Rating: 5
  • Shield Rating: 5
  • Energy Rating: 6
  • Unique property:

Heavy Assault Bomber:
  • Acceleration Rating: 5
  • Top Speed: 475 SLU
  • Performance Rating: 4
  • Hull Rating: 6
  • Shield Rating: 7
  • Energy Rating: 5
  • Unique property: 12 CPU slots, 3 ammo mounts

Heavy Assault Fighter:
  • Acceleration Rating: 6
  • Top Speed: 580 SLU
  • Performance Rating: 6
  • Hull Rating: 5
  • Shield Rating: 7
  • Energy Rating: 5
  • Unique property: High shield and hull rating (Most defensive ship)