Escort Mining Vessel
Escort Mining Vessel
Objective Escort Burkhart to Ganymede Sector
Employer AGT
Pay 5800
Region Sol


The mining vessel operating in Ganymede sector has been disabled recently, so AGT has to send a new mining vessel Burkhart 4192 there to serve as her replacement. As Burkhart undocks from Mira Vista Shipyards, it was attacked by CMI Darts. CMI had always been the rival of AGT and now it intends to cause trouble in AGT's mining activity. Jake Logan and a few AGT Makos are sent to protect Burkhart and neutralise all CMI threats until Burkhart is escorted safely to its mining location in Ganymede.


  1. Proceed to Luna
  2. 9 CMI Darts will emerge from Ganymede TCG gate and attack Burkhart mining vessel as it departs from its docking bay. Destroy all enemies in this sector. (4 AGT Makos will be sent in as reinforcement to help you). Proceed to Ganymede sector once all enemies have been neutralised
  3. 3 more Darts will appear and attack Burkhart. Destroy them all.
  4. Head back to Dilinger Starbase.

Space UnitsEdit

  • Mako
  • Burkhart 4192
  • Dart
  • Light Freighter