Ship Role Bomber
Allegiance Bora
Top Speed Unknown
Hull HP Unknown
Shield HP Unknown
Cutlass is Bora's bomber. Its Galspan counterpart is Posideon. It carries a 10 slot CPU, 3 Heavy mounts, 2 Rack mounts and 1 Special mount. Its standard armament includes a Heavy Mining Laser and Plasma Rockets.

==Description== Courtesy of Novalogic As the most common warship of Bora resistance, the Cutlass can deliver a heavy amount of damage on larger enemies. Its comparatively weak hull of stressed iron-nickel alloy and passive charge deflector screening make it a somewhat vulnerable target in combat. However, it does has higher maneuverability and improved power management over the devastating Claymore heavy assault bomber.

==Gallery== Cutlass Blueprint.jpg|The blueprint model and statistics of Cutlass Cutlass Top View.jpg|Cutlass when viewed from above


*Cutlass's popularity in the game is only second to Batteaxe, a multirole fighter created by modifying Cutlass frames.