Chatter Cannon
Chatter Cannon
Type Special Weapon
Owning Faction Galspan
Manufacturer Unspecified
Selling Price 9100 (for 750 bullets)
Buyback Price 5460 (for 750 bullets)
Hull Damage Unknown
Shield Damage Unknown
Chatter cannon is a powerful machinegun designed for space combat. It deals heavy hull damage but small shield damage to ships. It comes with the ammo of 750 units.


Courtesy of Novalogic

Once again the stars echo with the repetitive bangs of machine-gun fire. Developed by Phobos Proprietary Systems, the Chatter Cannon propels slugs of uranium-titanium at high speed towards the target. Firing every 10th of a second, the Chatter Cannon can dish out a severe amount of damage in a short period of time. The slugs inflict minimal damage to a ship's shields but are devastating against ship's hull.



  • When ammo hold is installed, Chatter Cannon holds 937 bullets. This is a glitch which player gets 187 bullets free without needing to add in using a second chatter cannon.