Bora Mining Guild (Bora) is an asteroid mining colonial of Fringe. It rivals over claimed space around Fringe with Galspan. Unlike Galspan, Bora is made up of society of lower class who rejects the power of corrupt corpers and seeks to free themselve from their enslavement.


Withdraw From Independence StationEdit

Independence Station is one of the Bora's stronghold in Hub. After Galspan won the ownership of Independence Station over Bora in a legal combat, Bora is forced to flee from the Independence Station before Galspan's attack force comes and cause casualties to the Bora in its attempt to seize the station. Before the invasion, Bora Carrier Integrity travel to Independence Sector to rescue the Independence Station's personnel evacuating from the centre. Bora Fighters help to protect the evacuating shuttles form the Galspan intruders before they can destroy them. After the shuttles have docked on Intregrity, the carrier gone into hyperspace and the rest of the fighters leaving the sector before the Galspan armada arrives. With the Independence seized, Bora's stronghold is reduced to

Repairing the Frontier GateEdit

Galspan has secretly sabotage the Frontier TCG (Tachyon Coil Generator) Mega Gate in the Hub Region, causing it to malfunction and unable to operate. This causes various ships unable to jump to Frontier Region to conduct their businesses there, including the Bora ships. Galspan had used this oppurtunity to open their Galspan Region to the ships so that they can use the Galspan-owned Frontier TCG Mega Gate to travel to Frontier Region and earns some revenue from this. But Galspan restricts Bora ships from using its Frontier Gate and this cause Bora's access to Frontier to be barred forever.

Back in the Bora Region, Anna found out that a scientist who once works with the corpers but resigned after knowing that his brother has been betrayed by the corpers has built a TCG system vital for the repairing of the Frontier TCG Mega Gate in Hub. The scientist has retired and reside in the Bora space, and Jake Logan is tasked to retrieve it. By presenting the system to a repair vessel, the Frontier TCG Mega Gate is restored to its full functionality.