Bonus Incentive Program
File:Bonus Incentive Program.jpg
Objective Destroy 4 waves of drone in Nereus Research and race back to Olympus base
Employer Galspan
Pay 11025
Region Galspan


Jake Logan is invited by Galspan to join the Contract Pilot Bonus Incentive Program which is a programme for new Galspan recruit. He'll be competing against Lakita Ramos in this contest. Jake Logan departs from Olympus Base to Nereus Research Sector. While jumping through Apollo Research Sector, Jake is jeered by fellow friends of Lakita who intends to attack Jake Logan before he flees from them. Jake greets Lakita Ramos, but is replied with a cold and intimitading response from Lakita. After the exercise has commenced, Jake Logan and Lakita Ramos vie in destroying the drones as fast as possible before racing back to Olympus base. In the end of contest, Jake won with Lakita jeering him jealously.

Pilot LogEdit

Apollo ResearchEdit

Lakita Ramos's Friend: Hey, Logan. Lakita is a friend of ours and we want her to win.

Jake Logan: Hey, hey you bunch of cheers. Oh boy.

Nereus ResearchEdit

Tricia Bales: Mr Logan, meet Ms Ramos. The two of you will be competing for the incentive bonus by eliminating several waves of drone and racing back to Olympus base. Are you ready to begin the exercise?

Jake Logan: Oh yeah, I'm ready. Glad to meet you Lakita.

Lakita Ramos: The pleasure is all yours, pilot. I have never lost to a man and never intend to now.

Jake Logan: Okay, I guess she's ready too then.

Tricia Bales: Very well, let us commence. Remember, you are being evaluated by speed and performance.

Jake Logan: Ow, that's gotta hurt babe.

Jake Logan: Suck on that, loser.

Jake Logan: Look's like you got a leak, there. She's good against those drones. Looked too good. She must have used a remote detonator or something.

Olympus BaseEdit

Tricia Bales: Well done Mr Logan, you won. This exercise is over.

Lakita Ramos: Worst job!

Space JumpEdit

Olympus Base - Apollo Research - Nereus Research - Apollo Research - Olympus Base

Space UnitsEdit




  • Lakita Ramos

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