Blast Torpedo
Blast Torpedo
Type Unguided Torpedo
Owning Faction Galspan
Manufacturer Unspecified
Selling Price 3000CR
Buyback Price 1800CR
Hull Damage 300
Shield Damage 300
Blast Torpedo is an unguided torpedo owned by Galspan. The hull of Blast Torpedo is filled with dozens of micro fusion warheads. Unlike Hunter Torpedo, Blast Torpedo cause immense explosion upon contact with target. When it explodes any ship near the detonation is exposed to a massive amount of radiation and a large blast waves. The radiation reduces the shield of ship and the blast wave destroys the hull of a ship. If used skillfully, one or two shots of Blast Torpedo is enough to destroy a non-capital ship.


  • Blast torpedo is usually not the choice weapon for pilot as it can deal side damage to pilot when fired to target at close range.