Courtesy Of Novalogic

Only recently did you find out Bernardo was real. Before that, you, like every other flyer, assumed he was the myth created by Galspan marketing department to make Bora fighters lose sleep at night. Bernardo is the best of the best but though you may be the one to hire him, there is really a feeling that he is working for someone else. Even if this is the case, he is able to get your job done with speed and precision.

Rumours abound about Bernardo and the ones that are spread by those who actually knows he is real tends to be the strangest. Some say he is pinnacle of bio-genetic engineering, others claim he is allowed to use experimental Galspan weapons that help him maintains his superiority. Whatever the truth is, he is the best.

Bernardo is not always easy to find. He generally shows up when your mission may suit his needs, not the other way around. He is a man of little words. He does