Advanced Radar
Advanced Radar
Type Systems
Owning Faction -
Manufacturer Navitec
Selling Price 3250CR
Buyback Price 1950CR
Hull Damage -
Shield Damage -
Advanced Radar helps to upgrade the ship's normal radar system. It enhances the radar signature of target (voiding the effects of electronic jamming) and assists target lock at close range (decreases lock-on time for guided weapons.)


Courtesy of Novalogic

Responding to recent advances to electronic jamming technology, Navitec now offers an upgrade to your basic radar system. Navitec adavanced radar upgrade sees through the interference generated by electronic countermeasure systems, completely eliminating the jammming effects. As a side benefits, the advanced radar improves the shielding on your radar system and eliminates the scrambling effect that lightning strike has on your target displays.